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Axe Mat Natural Pot 75ml

Axe Mat Natural Pot 75ml


Boosts texture. Instantly. Take a finger-tip amount. Mix between your fingers. Rake back through hair and mess it up (or down).

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Get that just out-of-bed look with some extra texture Rework it. Reshape it. Recraft it. For hair that moves the way you want it to. Water [EAU]Cetearyl AlcoholPVPStearamidopropyl DimethylamineBehentrimonium ChlorideFragrance [Parfum]Dipropylene GlycolLactic AcidPotassium ChlorideDMDM HydantoinDisodium EDTAPEG-150 DistearateButylene GlycolIodopropynyl ButylcarbamateMelaleuca Alternifolia [Tea Tree] Leaf Extrac


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