Safety 1st Medicine Kit


Safety 1st Medicine Kit includes items needed for at home medicine administration for your little one. Always point medicine dispenser at the inside of the child’s cheek, while child is in an upright position.To use:Medicine dropper with spill guard:1. Remove spill guard plug from dropper tip. Squeeze bulb to force air out of dropper.2. Insert into medicine bottle. Slowly release pressure on bulb until medicine reaches the prescribed dosage marking.3. Squeeze bulb slowly to help release liquid.To use:Medicine syringe with bottle adapter:1. Insert adapter securely into medicine bottle. Push syringe down to expel all air.2. Insert tip into open end of adapter and turn bottle upside-down.3. Draw plunger back slowly until medicine reaches the prescribed dosage marking.4. Push plunger slowly to help release liquid.To use:Medicine spoon:1. Hold medicine spoon straight up and pour medicine to the prescribed dosage.2. Pour medicine slowly, so that your child may comfortably swallow the liquid.To clean: medicine dropper, syringe and spoon:Wash all parts separately with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly before and after each use.Note: medicine spoon is top rack dishwasher safe.

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This item: Safety 1st Medicine Kit

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Safety 1st Grow-With-Me Medicine Set transforms at-home medicine administration to children, which can oftentimes be tricky because when ill they do not take well to receiving medication. This set includes a medicine dropper with spill guard, a medicine syringe with bottle adapter and a medicine spoon to ease administering medicine to a child at each phase of their growth and in different scenarios.


Safety 1st

Discover life safely with Safety 1st. Safety 1st® makes your baby’s safety our first priority by providing a wide range of indoor and outdoor baby gear, health and grooming essentials as well as travel accessories to give parents peace of mind in all stages of development.


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